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Freelance Makeup Artist Masey Cosmetics

Pictured here is talented Hair & Makeup Artist Pauline Demirjian at a Masey Cosmetics shoot. You can find her here.


So, you’ve finished a makeup course, watched countless YouTube tutorials, googled how to start a freelance business – now what? You’re doing all the right things, but you start to wonder how on earth you’re going to get your first paying client.  

This feeling is all too normal, regardless of what industry you’re in. Just know, you’re not alone!



Okay okay, this sounds like a no brainer but what better way to reach potential clients then using a free social platform such as Instagram?! This platform works so well for freelance makeup artists as it not only allows you to showcase your work (remember all the faces you painted during your course?), but it also allows you to reach people all over the world. We could do a whole blog post on Instagram itself, but we’ll save that for another day.

Some quick pointers for the GRAM:

  1. Add your contacts, location and a brief overview of your service in your bio. Prospective clients want to be able to contact you then and there. Let’s make it easy for them!
  2. Look at your favourite makeup artists and see what hashtags they’re using and try them out. After a few days, go back and check ‘INSIGHTS’ to see how much reach you’re getting from them. Change it up and make note of what’s getting the best reach.
  3. Tag the brands of products you’re using. Brands love to see how their products are being used and they often repost customers images. The more times your image gets shared, the more eyes you get on your work.



Work experience? I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this blog about getting paid clients? Hear me out! 

Work experience and getting paid work goes hand in hand. Maybe you’re a makeup artist wanting to do fashion campaign shoots, maybe it’s to work on a TV network or maybe it’s simply to glam anyone who wants to be glammed. Whatever it is, you need to get some exposure in that area. 

Work experience gets your foot in the door and is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills. With the information available on the world wide web, a few searches can bring up key people that you can reach out to. Be very careful how you approach this though as unsolicited contact is illegal! 

So my pointers here are;

  1. Find said person on Instagram. 
  2. Take a genuine interest in who they are, what they do (I mean after all you are wanting to work with them) 
  3. Build a relationship by engaging – authenticity is key. 
  4. Ask if it’s possible to make contact (email/call/coffee). 
  5. Position yourself (what is in it for them?)
  6. And only then, ask if there are work experience opportunities available.

Okay, in an ideal world this works every time. But the reality is, you might get a no. Just remember a no today, is not a no tomorrow. So follow up and maintain the dialogue.



Saving the best til last!

Did you know, there are agencies in Australia whose business model is based on connecting artists with clients? I know right, how awesome!

A few that springs to mind are;


According to their website, Glamazon is a ‘one stop shop to book any beauty appointment at the touch of a button’. Clients have access to a network of beauty professionals so all they need to do is book online and a Glamazon Stylist comes out to see them.

You can apply to become a ‘Glamazon Stylist’ where they send clients your way, you complete the job and then get paid.  What’s in it for them? They take a commission from each job.

The benefits;

  • Clients book through Glamazon – Fuss free for you!
  • Glamazon collects payments from clients and pays you within 48 hours – Winning!
  • You’re still in charge of your own business – Hey, don’t want to take on bookings? Don’t accept the job.

There are some requirements for becoming a Stylist so check them out here.

UPDATE: As at March 2020, Urban Company has acquired the assets of Glamazon and as such the company is now known as Urban Company. Urban Company is Asia's largest platform for mobile professionals delivering home-based beauty services (see here)


According to their website, is all about matching the right talent with the right job.

This platform aims to connect brands with talent varying from photographers, hair and makeup artists, influencers and models. Brands will post up a job detailing their requirements and the talent (you!) can apply for what you’re interested in.

I’ve used this platform as a ‘Brand’ and can say it does take the stress out of sourcing talent.

The Benefits;

  • All communication and bookings are done via the platform - very straight forward!
  • fit collects payment from brands and then pays you – too easy.
  • Exposure to a bigger audience – there are some big known brands that post jobs. You might get the chance to work for some of the best brands out there! – how amazing would that be?

You can check them out here.

So there it is, hopefully this helps you with getting your first client. If you happen to try out any of the tips, please do let us know!

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