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RCMA No Color Powder: What's all the fuss?

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If you're new to the world of makeup, you may not have yet come across The Research Council of Makeup Artists also known as RCMA.
Founded by renowned makeup artist Vincent JR Kehoe in 1962, RCMA is the go-to place for Professional Makeup Artists particularly those who specialize in production makeup (think TV!). Read more about them here.
One of our favourite products from their professional grade range is the NO-COLOR POWDER.
Here's why;
The RCMA No-Color Powder doesn't contain pigment.
Imagine spending so much time blending, buffing, shading and more blending to perfect your foundation base. Then you go in with a coloured/tinted powder on top. What would that do to your foundation base? Change it's colour! 
Unless you intentionally set out to change the colour, then using tinted powder can really undo all of your hard work. 
Okay, let me give you another example. 
You're out all day, it's hot, skin gets oily. You need to get the oil under control for the 3rd time today. CUE no-color powder.

No build up of colour powder means every time you touch up your skin, there's no progressive build up or change in colour. 

So, you're still out, and now your BFF who is two shades darker than you needs to fix her oily skin. CUE no-color powder. 

Because it's a no-color powder, it's suitable for all skin tones. 

Okay, so I think you get the idea. 

This powder is designed to be fine in texture, so it doesn't start caking. It really is the bees knees of loose powders. It's been around forever and it almost like an industry secret for Professional Makeup Artists.

If you haven't tried it, then head over here and give it a go!

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