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One-on-One Makeup Lesson with Rosemary Khall

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Are one-on-one makeup lessons worth the investment? The short answer …. YES!

We sent a couple of our team members to do a lesson with Sydney based makeup artist, Rosemary Khall. With over 38k Instagram followers and 10k Facebook fans, you are bound to come across her beautiful creations in the digital realm. Rosemary is a freelance artist and teaches at a Beauty College, so it comes as no surprise the lesson was filled with little tips and tricks that had blown us away!


If you’re sitting on the fence on whether a one-on-one lesson is right for you, here’s our top reasons for why you should just take the plunge;


  • Industry experience – Learning the theory of beauty and makeup helps build the foundation of your knowledge, however, it’s the practical experience on the job that is invaluable. Experienced Artists have typically developed their own way of perfecting techniques or discovered ways to be efficient; one-on-one lessons will give you a personal insight to these skills – potentially saving you so much time in trial and error. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiast looking to upskill, learning from another professional would be extremely beneficial.

  •  Build on your own style – From cut creases to bronzed glows or even bridal glam. Every Artist has their own style they tend to steer toward OR prefer doing. We learnt that there is absolutely no right or wrong, after all makeup is art and art is subjective! One-on-one lessons have so much to offer and it’s great to gain exposure to these different styles – it may even help you develop your own repertoire. Do some research and make sure you check out their social pages or website to get a feel of their style before signing up for a lesson.

  • Networking opportunity – Being a freelance makeup artist can get lonely sometimes. Yes, you get to meet some amazing clients that can turn into great friends but you may not have a team to talk shop with. One-on-one lessons allow you to meet other industry professionals and get to know them on a personal level. This is a great way for you to build your community – you never know when there’s a chance to collaborate!

Our team walked away with so many little gems that has helped with not only their makeup skills but also an insight to how Rosemary treats her clients. Rosemary’s top tip for us was, “Treat everyone like VIP, whether it’s the bride, bridesmaid or a student going to a formal. Everyone deserves the same treatment”. This is exactly how she treated our team, and this is one of the reasons why we highly recommend a one-on-one lesson with Rosemary.



If you’re interested in lessons with Rosemary, check out her Instagram here or Facebook here.

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